Villa V.


private assignment

There is the task: to realize an extension of a three levels existing building, transforming the ground level in a new indipendent Villa.

As every architecture, this project is in a context, and will becomes one. As every context, this one is multiple.

There is the physical context. The geography, the morphology, the geology, the climate, the light; here all condensed in the magnificent view. The project stays on a slope, facing the lake of Lugano and the Alps, with the Monte Rosa as silhouette in background.

There is the historical context. The surrounding architectures, the way to build, the conventions. Mainly, the project is realized in and out of an existing building of the ‘70s, that was itself realized that time on a rural small building. So the new project becomes an interpretation on an interpretation.

There is the psychical context. The client, the architect, the dialogue of both own expectations, of both imaginaries. The will to extend with no break, but also with no imitation the existing building, and however to transform it, to interprete it as it could be now, to adeguate the spaces, to integrate a new continuity inside-outside. And the will to do all this today. The fashination for the atmosphere of an easely elegant architecture. And the will to be coherent with the given place, to be part of a sedimented process.

The architecture is controlled and redefined through discussion, displacements, precisations. To share architecture, the project is often worked in progress, decisions are taken by visiting the building plot, by discussing and drawing on expectations and possibilities.

So this project is a variations on theme. And the theme is double.
Becouse the architect says My house, while the client says My home.


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