white paper for futur art
Art Biennale, Venezia


On february 21st 1999, in occasion of the announcement of the winner of the Competition for the new contemporary art center in Rome, the daily "Il Manifesto" has offered to a Blank sheet for the art to come a white page of the newspaper. This space was meant to filled in by the readers realizing a public a public action/debate about the relation between art and its urban spaces.
In Italy not only the Ministry of Culture but also various Public Administration (as Rome, Rovereto, Bologna, Florence) are discussing future museums for Contemporary Art.
Today a public debate, open to either artists, curators, architects curious or amateurs could be intellectually stimulating and usefull. Contemporary reality, in terms of problematic ground, involves everyone more or less in the same way.
Whoever inquires actuality - either being artist or not - does something that involves everybody else too. The debate around a new museum, its spaces, organization and art conception regards the whole community/communities.

A blank sheet for the art to come aims at provoking a cultural policy for the future Contemporary Art Centers that goes beyond the traditional disposition of the exhibition spaces: wants to promote, register and communicate also the activities that happen elsewhere as independent forms of artistic expression.
Why not think of: a "juke-box museum", where you can choose and take out for a temporary exhibit what you wish from the museum's deposit? Or a "condominium museum", where events and exhibits could be realized in semiprivate spaces? Or a "door-to-door museum" in which you can choose an artist from a catalogue and have him perform something in your home? Or a "convivial museum" where artists and public can meet together, may be sitting around a dining table? Or an "underground museum" where the deposit and the other non public spaces are instead open to the public? Or the "mirror museum" where what is happening elsewhere is made visible?

promoted by:
Alberto Alessi, Carmelo Baglivo, Bulk, Francesco Careri, Silvia Cioli, Luca Galofaro, Alberto Iacovoni, Ian+, Luca La Torre, Anna Lombardi,
Gabriele Mastrigli, Mao, Luca Montuori, Cesare Pietroiusti, Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Progetto Oreste, Lorenzo Romito, Stalker, UnDo.Net

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